To inquire about the Restoration, Scanning or Printing of your images, please contact me through the information found on the "Contact Me" page.


This is all pretty straightforward and standard.  Please familiarize yourself with what's here to protect yourself from difficulties and disappointment.


As the owner of Heritage Photo Restoration, I recognize that you, as the potential user of this site, have privacy concerns.  No information of any kind submitted to this site will be shared with any other party for any purpose. Your information will be used only to contact you regarding any work you are having me do and for notifying you of any specials I am running.  That's it.  If you don't wish to receive email specials from me, please send me an email stating your wish to be removed from my specials mailing list, and I will take you off immediately.

Linked Sites
Any linked sites that appear on this website have been checked for content by me, and I find nothing offensive in them.  I am not responsible for their privacy practices, however.  If you use any of the sites, you'll need to check each one to verify that site's privacy policy.


The laws of Washington State where Heritage Photo Restoration is located, govern the stated terms and conditions. When you use this site, send a photo / photo file, or place an order you are agreeing to these terms.


My aim is to ensure you are completely satisfied with the work I do for you.  I will clearly communicate to you what I feel you can realistically expect your image to look like after restoration.  Some images can be brought back to an "original" state, and others cannot.  After the restoration is complete, I will provide a digital proof for you to review.  Once you approve the proof, there will be no refund.  If you disapprove, I will work with you to make the changes you desire.  If ultimately my work fails to meet your expectations, I will refund your money.


While I take every care and precaution to protect your originals, and treat them as if they are my own (they are kept in my fire- and water-proof safe when I am not working directly with them), I assume no responsibility to you, the customer, for any loss of or damage to your property.  You as the customer agree that you will not hold me, Debbie MacInnis, liable for any consequential damages arising out of or relating to any such loss or damage.  I reserve the right to modify this site and the policies herein at any time. Your continued use of this site or my services constitutes your acceptance of the changes. I make every effort to ensure that the information on this site is true and accurate, but errors may occur unwittingly.


Copyright laws are complex. Copyright Basics (  from the U.S. Copyright Office in Washington D.C. will help your understanding of these laws.   If the photo you are submitting has a copyright notice on either the front or back, try to contact the studio or individual and ask permission to have the image restored.  It is unlikely that you will be refused.

In General:  
  • If your photo is from the 1950's or before, the copyright has probably expired.
  • If it is from prior to 1900, the copyright has expired, unless it has been transferred and recorded (unlikely).
  • With more recent photos, the law varies. I cannot make copies where there would be an infrinegment of the copyright, so you must make a good faith attempt to contact the originator of the image (studio or individual) and obtain permission.
 What this means for you:
  • By submitting a photo to be restored, you are stating that you either have the copyright ownership of the image, or have obtained the necessary permissions from the copyright owner.  I, Debbie MacInnis, cannot be held liable for anyone infringing on copyright laws.
  • Please note that once I have created a new image, I am then the copyright owner of the new image.  It may not be used for any commercial purposes without my consent.
  • I may use the new image for promotional purposes, but will always ask permission from you before doing so.  If you object, I will not use it.
Nothing on this site may be reproduced for any purpose by any person.  All rights reserved.