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About Me

Restoring your treasured photographs
and preserving your memories in a personal way is my purpose.

For as long as I can remember, I have loved photographs.When I was about 8 years old, I received my first camera as a Christmas gift.  It was one of those little Kodak Instamatic 100 models that used 126 film cartridges, and I took it gatherings, the cabin, school, water skiing, snow skiing.  I took roll after roll to Thrifty Drug Store to have the film developed, and my first photo album sports the results of my early attempts at capturing memories.  In later years, I moved on -- first to 35 mm and then to digital -- all the while filling photo albums with the prints.I think it must run in the family!  Both sets of grandparents took incredible numbers of photos, even through the Depression, and many of them have come to me.  My folks followed suit, and the result is that I have been blessed with hundreds of images of my family from as far back as the mid-1800s.In 1997, before the huge scrapbooking rage hit, I started putting together photo albums as gifts for family and friends to chronicle our cross-country move to Missouri.  That creative outlet grew into my favorite and most meaningful hobby.  Through the ensuing years, heritage photo- and memorabilia-albums have become my primary focus.  What else was I to do with the wealth of photographs I had been given?!

Of course, not all the photos have withstood the ravages of time......heat, damp, cardboard boxes and little finger smudges have taken their toll.  The more I worked on albums, the more I wanted to be able to "bring back" and restore the beauty of the treasured photographs of my family.  Digital restoration techniques have enabled me to do just that, and all the images you see on this site are the result of my work.Knowing that I am not alone in my desire to preserve the memories of the past through restoring old (or not so old) photos, I have begun this business to help those who don't know how to fix their own.If you choose to have me work on your images, be assured that your photo files or treasured originals will be treated as if they are my own.  I'll work closely with you in order to understand your vision for your photos, and to deliver an end product which matches your goal.  Personal, individualized service is my priority.