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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Gene & Tillie

My grandparents were married in June of 1930. They were young....he was not quite 19 and she was 6 months shy of twenty. They lived in California in the Fresno area.

During that time, there just weren't that many photos taken. This is a rare one of them, and happens to be their wedding photo. In 1980, I put together a collage frame for them  in celebration of their 50th wedding anniversary. This picture was the only one they had from their wedding, beat up as it was.

It had been sitting in that anniversary frame for nearly 30 years when I unearthed it during my dad's move from the family ranch.

So, when I started doing restoration work, it was a natural for adding to my growing collection of restored family photographs .

Don't they make you want to go back and experience their 1930 wedding?

Notes on this restoration:

First, I turned the file into grey scale.

Because of the lack of detail at the bottom of the photo, I decided to crop it into a square and eliminate the need to restore the lower area.

I worked on the background first, cleaning up the dents and creases. I then cleaned up their clothing, repairing the stains and peeling areas.

I did the face and hair repair last and then added the sepia color back to resemble the original.

I matted copies for family members and used a really cool linen mat board.

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